The resistance

When two of your teammates leave at the beginning of the tiebreaker round. But anyway you stay to defend the position.

The ballad of Four-Finger-Joe

The story of 4 Finger Joe, a piece of work.

Between the first video, the first encounter with this guy, and the second video, it took part another 2 or 3 games.

We are back. We are fine

Some time ago, the web had troubles with some malware that was inserted somewhere. After spend all the evening and night dealing with this, I finally got rid of the damn malware. The web is safe again.

First clips compilation | New YouTube’s channel ♥

¡The first clip compilation video playing Rainbow Six! You can see it in the new YouTube channe I created:

Magic television. Unexpected scare

We played the beggining of the game previoulsy, but we had to start it again because of a bug in the game. We already knew the ghost TV trick.

Full gameplay video in Seamusspower Twitch channel.